Approach & Values

Thorough, Thoughtful, Partners.

Key adheres to a consistent management philosophy in all aspects of our work.

There Are No Shortcuts
Knowledge cannot be achieved without comprehensive research, intimate involvement, and
relevant experience from which to draw. These are all time intensive activities and require a
commitment to understanding in everything you do.

Plan Ahead and Anticipate
Whether you are managing a two-month tenant fit-out or a ten-year land development project,
anticipating and planning for challenges, issues and needs before they arise is the most effective
way to reduce cycle time and minimize cost.

Good Relationships are Paramount
Whether you are working with a client, partner, engineer, municipal official, or neighbor, you have a responsibility to look beyond today to understand how your decisions will impact others.
Uphold the values of honesty, integrity and respect in all that you do. All projects proceed more
smoothly when you develop a mutually respectful relationship with others.